Thursday, March 27, 2014

17th Annual ARTSY Exhibit

Join us next Saturday, April 5th from 1:00pm to 3pm for the opening of the 17th annual ARTSY Exhibit. 
ARTSY will be held at the

Jacoby Arts Center

627 E Broadway, Alton, IL 62002
(618) 462-5222

ARTSY will run from April 5th to April 24th. Call the gallery to inquire its hours to visit the exhibition.  

The Jacoby Arts Center has supported ARTSY year after year and we are grateful for this. This year the Jacoby needs us and our monetary support. Please consider making a donation. Visit its website to know more at

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Branch Weaving

On Friday, October 11th, Rosemary Barnes Pratt hosted an enjoyable evening of branch weaving. She guided the participants in learning this friendly technique of using branches and yarn to create wonderful masterpieces.  

Rosemary kindly shared the following handout and pictures to enjoy and be inspired by.

Thank you, Rosemary, for the wonderful night and thank you to everyone who attended! 

Branch Weaving
 Materials: yarn, V-shaped branch, tapestry or weaving needle, scissors
 Tie on yarn at the bottom of the V and begin to wind warp. 
WARP is generally up and down on a traditional loom, though it might be side to side here. WEFT is generally side to side on a traditional loom.
Wind warp around each side of branch, alternating and wrapping twice to keep in place.
Tie off and knot when finished.
 Use desired yarn on needle to create weft.
Plain weave is up, down, up, down: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0
Variations include:   00—00—00—00—00—00
Use your fingers or a fork to keep weft yarn closer together.
 You can use 1 color or several – knotting or keeping ends separate (then weaving in ends when finished).
 Helpful resources:

Monday, September 30, 2013

Swap Meet Recap!

Here some pictures taken by Tracy Ehrhardt Massa at the Swap Meet 2013.
Wonderful memories of an inspiring afternoon!  

Kelly Luckett with her Wish Dolls 

Renee Tate presenting the sock Monkey project at Every Child's Hope
Sock Monkeys

Ellen Schroeder shared her experience of art in Haiti

Peggy Williamson presenting on Art, Kenya and Spirituality.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Join us for our 

MATA Annual Swap Meet!

Sunday September 29, 2013

The Kerr Foundation

21 O'Fallon St. 
St. Louis, MO  

A group of art therapists are ready to share their own special projects with you. 

We have 4 exciting presenters!

Kelley Luckett, LPC, ATR -  "A Wish Doll experiential"
Rene Tate,  Art Therapy Student (SIUE) - "Monkey Sock Dolls at Every Child's Hope"
Ellen Schroder, Art Therapist -  "An Art Experiential in Haiti"
Peggy Williamson, Art Therapy Student (SIUE) - "Kenya, Art and Spirituality"

Free Admission

Please RSVP to Tracy at 
She will send you directions and contact you in case of any changes. 

Pictures from the 2012 Swap meet:

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